Our Mission


Our mission through eRacing is to inspire the future and connect virtual-to-real by creating a lower barrier of entry with an authentic program and bespoke marketing. We wish to inspire and motivate people, especially youth, to seek their passions and life goals. By making the programs more accessible, and with an effort to protect the Earth and be more sustainable in what and how we do it, we will make a difference to positively impact our changing world and encourage more gratitude and authenticity. Let’s make this a mega world!


The reason behind D3eSports….

"Driven by strong family values I am keen to share my passion for sports in a virtual to real world experience, motorsport is one of the most unique sports in the world and through my own personal experience want to try and reach and inspire the future in a positive way and give them a pathway to do so.”

— Simon Dawson, President/CEO