Who We Are

D3eSports is focused on electronic sports (eSports) and the bridge between the virtual and real worlds through its online tournament series built around its Microsoft license hosting the D3eSports Cup Championship on Forza Motorsport 7 and on iRacing.

The impact that eSports is having on this changed world is well documented. However, it is not a new pastime. It has been around for decades and it is only now, through the social media age and strong gaming communities, advancing to the forefront for others that were not currently enjoying this world.

Additionally, our bespoke marketing avenue provides a marketing opportunity via our esports platform. We offer brand exposure through a combination of paths including the D3eSports website, our D3eSports Pit Talk podcast, commercials in our live streaming D3eSports Cup virtual racing events and archived YouTube channel as a way to build a platform. We provide an innovative way to showcase your product and/or services and can create a marketing platform that fits your budget and desired goals.

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